New Delhi, September 20, 2017: Considering the biggest matter of concern of indoor air quality across India, Aerate Air purifiers and Paints  join hands by sponsoring the Air-o2-Thon international summit. The emphasis of the summit was to highlight and discuss the issue of depleting air quality that people breathe in air at home that is of poor quality.

Air-O2-Thon, an international summit on air pollution, was graced by honorable Minister Shri Harshwardhan Ji and Chairman Central Polllution Control Borad, Smt. Preeti Aggarwal Hon’ble Mayor North Delhi Municipal Corporation, AERATE Air Purifiers. Mr.Vishal jain also expressed his concern along with other eminent speakers like Dr. Prashant GargavaDirector & HeadAQM Division Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Dr. Deepankar Saha Scientist Central Pollution Control Board, Dr. Radha Goyal Deputy Director Indian Pollution Control Association.

The main agenda to organize the summit AIR-O-THON is to create healthy environment and to understand the current problem of Indoor Air quality and analyzing the market of IAQ solution providers, a need has been felt to bring all the stakeholders (including industries, research and academic organizations, Government representatives, regulatory bodies, representatives from embassies, media etc.) of the air quality at a common platform to discuss the issues evolved recently, to understand the latest in indoor air science, to create a network for exchanging their ideas and to foster the multi-disciplinary collaboration to ultimately search for the comprehensive and sustainable solutions to improve the IAQ in urban buildings.

Mr Vishal Jain CEO & Founder of Aerate Air purifiers and Paints said: We believe that healthy air should be available to everyone. Big Cities are choking and have become hazardous to breathe. We want to restore the balance between us and nature. We do this by creating products that mimic nature and by providing solutions that add value to “Society and People”, improving their health, livelihood and create better future for our generations

Aerate offers wide range of multistage air purification which helps in removing all kind of Air borne pollutants. With 6 stage to 8 stage filtration, particulate matter of size .02 microns to 10 micron can be filters with True HEPA. High Grade Activated Carbon helps in removing all odor, smells and VOCs. Molecular Sieve helps in reducing CO2 and improves O2 level; Antibacterial layer with UV treatment kills all kind germs, bacteria and Viruses. A long lasting +vely charged aluminum prefilter captures all dust, hair and other big particles while working along -ve Ion generator. AirPlus helps in removing all PM1.0, 2.5, harmful gases SOx, NOx, CO and VOCs along with killing seasonal bacteria, Viruses and Gums

About AerateAerate is the brand name in Healthcare industry to protect your family from allergies, dusts, asthma, abdominal disorders. Aerate has started delivering its air purifier products in major cities like: Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. But now brand is delivering air purifiers in all over the country.Aerate offers wide range of multistage air filters with Home Air Purifier, Office air purifiers, and Commercial air purifiers.

Aerate Aeranano Technology mimic nature and helps producing indoor-air healthy with advanced filtration system that filters out bacteria, allergens and harmful agents with size >0.02 micron*. With large range of Air Purifiers, Aerate covers almost all indoor application areas a human being spend time.


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