AIPL Marketing Pvt. Ltd. better known as AIPL ABRO among the masses is a pioneer in the field of adhesive tapes across India and the globe. With a vast experience of 30 years in the adhesive tape industry, AIPL ABRO has built a reputation to a level that ABRO tape has now become synonymous to masking tapes among carpenters.

In its quest for improvement, AIPL ABRO has taken a step ahead by adding two product ranges that cater to the furniture industry which are Zorro Bond adhesive and Zorro Fit furniture accessories both of which are high quality and competitive product ranges.



Available in 3 variants called ZorroBond, ZorroBond-XP and ZorroBond-WP which are the ZorroBond adhesive, ZorroBond adhesive Xtra Power and ZorroBond adhesive Water Proof respectively, the complete ZorroBond range is a professional grade, multipurpose synthetic resin white adhesive perfect for wooden bonding and general bonding applications. The best part about the entire ZorroBond range is that its economical, ensures better coverage and is a fast drying adhesive. The other 2 variants which are in the pipeline are called ZorroBond PVC which facilitates excellent bonding with PVC and acrylic sheets; ZorroBond HX which is the heatproof adhesive.


ZORROFIT Furniture Accessories

ZorroFit, precisely offers the fixtures committed to excellence. AIPL ABRO, under ZorroFit brand is mainly offering telescopic channels and concealed hinges. Telescopic drawer channels with a wide variety of normal close and soft close channels can be classified as Normal Channel Zinc color, Normal Channel Black color, Soft Channel Zinc color and Soft Channel Black color. Available in all the running sizes from 10 inches to 30 inches, ZorroFit telescopic channels are made of high quality cold rolled steel material and its superior loading capacity is regarded as the best among its peer product range available in India.

ZorroFit Hydraulic Hinges are currently offered in normal close and soft close (full overlay and half overlay). Again made using best quality cold rolled steel, ZorroFit hydraulic hinges are fixed with steel springs which have passed open and close cycle test over 50,000 times.

Since the launch by AIPLABRO, the products have garnered an upbeat response among the customers all over India who already love the brand AIPL ABRO because of its ever-reliable quality and services.

AIPL ABRO products are easily available across India through its pan India distributor and dealer network.


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