Student Designers of South Delhi Polytechnic College for Women have explored and experimented on a new trend of “unstitched clothes” as an innovation for providing an interesting texture and design that was showcased in the annual event of the college on 23rd March.

The idea behind the unique theme “Bina sui-Dhaaga” was to experiment on the pre-existing clothing patterns and the challenge is taken by groups of students who came up with the concept of unstitched and unsewn garments which are innovative, glamorous, stylish, and becoming a part of a trend in western culture.

The unstitched clothes were designed with techniques like matting, braiding, twilling providing interesting texture and design to the clothes. ‘Braiding’ in cut pieces is a method of interlacing stripes in such a way that they cross one another and are laid together in diagonal formation. Such methods provide exciting designs and give birth to a new trend followed by using clothespin that is used to hang up clothes in order to give them various dimensions.

The students showcased their talent in front of prominent people like Sharon Lowen, Sonia Jetleey, Vandy Mehra, Ramola Bachchan, Mithu Sen, Samit Das, Alka Raghuvanshi, Nupur Kundu, Sudip Roy, Uma Nayar and Aruna Bhowmick who were the prominent guests at the show.

The concept was indeed a challenge for Student Designers, who have overcome the limitations and produced exciting designs, worthy of applause.

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