Cupid’s favourite 24 hours are around the corner and you are counting the ways and means to impress your Valentine Date.

Whether you get a classic route of roses and chocolate, make fancy dinner arrangements or wear the best makeup and appearance. But all this can play spoilsport and put your date off if you have not focused well on personal hygiene.

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What to wear on this valentine’s day? Here’s the Fashion Do’s and Don’ts you need

Richa Aggarwal, beauty expert and owner of Cleopatra chain of spas and salons made a novel and sweet endeavour in this regard by conducting Hygiene friendly valentine event and workshop for lovebirds.

Event aimed to whet personal hygiene regime and provide a platform to look glamorous and feel fresh. Spreading aura of glamour and fresh charm to woo Valentine date are sure ways to leave a long-lasting impression on your valentine, informed Richa Aggarwal, while adding, ”We have several visitors who want a particular look for valentine day are want to look ultra beautiful and glamorous but they seem to overlook hygiene level. They are oozing foul smell of sweat, dandruff is falling off their scalp or nails are in bad shape. All these and more unhygienic reasons can be a big turn off for your partner or friend. By making hygienic practices part of your beauty dossier you can go a long way in invigorating your relation with your Valentine.”

In the same breath, Cleopatra chose the occasion of Romance and passion for spreading across the novel message that enhances the beauty of one’s personality and confidence.

Cleopatra enlightened with easy quick fixes to up romance quotient.  This session aimed at helping towards escalating romance quotient but also worked towards uplifting self-esteem.

To make sessions more interesting Richa Aggarwal with beauty expert Harveen Kathuria created scintillating valentine looks based on romantic vintage and royal theme. Nails spa for hygiene along with nail art with edible chocolate was the highlight of the day. Disheveled hair was transformed into stylish and trendy mane with studded heart Swarovski and flower accessories.


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