Gurugram, August 21, Drumbeats pulsating, heartbeats reverberating, music resonating—all this and more made for an unforgettable 20th edition of CEOs Sing For GF Kids on August 19 at Crowne Plaza, Gurugram. The event, which debuted in 2010 with just 7-8 CEOs singing, has today grown to over 20 CEOs taking time out from their schedules to participate and raise funds for critically ill, underprivileged children with heart disorders. This doesn’t just bear testimony to the way this fundraiser has become so popular with music lovers with a kind heart but also talks about how the cause of Genesis Foundation and the feeling of coming together to support critically ill children with heart disorders has gained credibility and popularity.

 The joyful satisfaction of supporting a cause and the spirit of fun camaraderie was evident through the evening as strains of Bollywood hits, old and new English numbers, medleys and impromptu jams filled the room and the audience’s hearts. From swaying to soulful melodies, to dancing to energetic performances, the audience was taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

 The event hosted some of the renowned CEOs who showcased their passion and talent in the field of music before an audience to raise funds for the cause. So powerful is the tug to contribute to the cause that besides the Delhi-based CEOs, Pankaj Chaturvedi, Executive Director and CEO, Rich Graviss Products Pvt Ltd, came down all the way from Mumbai to give a surprise performance.

The line-up of star performers included: Vikash Gupta, MD, Ranvik Exports Pvt Ltd, VipinRaheja, CMD, Napino Auto and Electronics Ltd, Sanjay Kapoor, Chairman, iBus Networks, Shireesh Joshi, Founder CEO, Prism Consulting, Ranjan Chopra, CEO, Team Computers, Ajay Kaul, Past CEO, Jubilant Foods, Atul Ahuja, President, LearningPalm, Vishal Malik, Dean, McKinsey Capability Centre, McKinsey & Co., Manish Kapur, Partner, KPMG, Lokvir Kapoor, CEO, Pine Labs Pvt Ltd, Parminder Chaddha – Managing Director, Kasauli Exotica Hotel,Krishnan Chatterjee, Head of Marketing -India, SAP, Sid Khullar, Founder & CEO , Chef at Large/ CaL Media Pvt. Ltd, Dr SonuTalwar, Clinical Director& Senior Consultant IVF Treatment, Milann – The Fertility Centre, Niren Chaudhry, President Global and COO, Krispy Kreme, Sharad Tyagi, Managing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd, P Balaji, Director Regulatory, External Affairs and CSR, Vodafone India, Maya Sami, Executive Creative Director, Wizcraft International Events and Sanjeev Varma, CEO, Altran Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Speaking on the occasion, Prema Sagar, Founder, Genesis Foundation, expressed, “The journey that this event has taken over the past several years is truly remarkable. From a small, intimate event, to this musical extravaganza that we witnessed today, it truly gladdens the heart to see how far we all have come. But the sobering fact is that the journey ahead won’t be easy—there’s a lot to be done to Save Little Hearts. Many more little hearts are waiting for another chance to beat, and we need much more people to join this fight. With the spirit of joyful giving we saw here today, we have big hopes for the future.”

As always, another one of GF’s events has been a huge success and it warms my heart to see this. Monster has been associated with Genesis Foundation for many years in a row. This evening has been about CEOs from different industries uniting on two common premises, music and saving little hearts. I am delighted to see all Corporate leaders coming together for this honourable cause and would like to congratulate each CEO for their absolutely commendable performance today. Monster is truly glad to be associated with GF and we hope that this association continues to thrive for years to come.” Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, APAC & Middle East at

“My association with GF is more than four years old and for me, GF is now a continued journey. CEOs Sing is an event which is celebratory in nature. It gives us an opportunity to thank the people associated with GF and express our gratitude towards the volunteers and employees of GF. It also gives us an opportunity to share the sentiments of the GF kids,” said Sanjay Kapoor, Chairman, iBus Networks.

“My association with Genesis Foundation goes back to the year 2010. Standing at 2017, there are two key reasons why I continue to return and perform every year. First and foremost is the cause of saving children. I personally connect with this cause and I understand the pain and grief of parents who are unable to raise money to save their children. Which is why I try and dedicate whatever I can to help save lives of little ones. Secondly, Prema and Jyoti remain close friends, which makes my bond with the cause stronger. I wholeheartedly wish Genesis Foundation all the luck in their endeavours.” said Niren Chaudhry, President Global and COO, Krispy Kreme.

P Balaji, Director Regulatory, External Affairs and CSR, Vodafone India said, “My daughter and I often sing together at home. It is an overwhelming feeling to make use of our recreational indulgence to contribute towards such a positive initiative, where our contribution is helping little children. We consider it a great opportunity to be able to benefit people through our talent. I truly believe that everyone should help the less fortunate in any way that they can.”

Working on the simple premise that life is precious and no child should die due to lack of funds for financial treatment, Genesis Foundation helps children transform their lives, and it is not possible to do without the support of all the corporate heads who take out time from their hectic schedules and come together, to show their love along with their musical talent.

The situation on children born with congenital heart disorders (CHD) is grave—of the 220,000 born with CHD in India every year, less than 10 per cent get timely and accurate medical intervention. Most vulnerable among them are those from underprivileged backgrounds. Genesis Foundation urges everyone to come forward and join in its pledge to Save Little Hearts.


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