Sarvottam Institute of Technology & Management (SITM), Noida Extension recently hosted an educative Seminar for its students titled “Relevance of Holistic Development for Youths in Nation Building” on 18th Nov’17. The event commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp ceremony and the Saraswati Vandana. The exclusive event was graced by the presence of many distinguished speakers who enlightened the students with their views on the finer nuances and relevance of holistic development among youths in ‘Nation Building’.

The engaging Seminar was followed by the presentation of “Sarvottam Excellence Awards” to crusaders for spreading awareness for Holistic Development among youths. The chief guest of the event was Dr Anuj (Microsurgeon & Author) who delivered a brilliant speech on the essence of holistic development among students and youths for nation building. The speech on holistic development by Jamil Ahmad (DG- SITM) was equally inspirational.

All the speakers shared vital aspects pertaining to holistic development, and enlightened the young minds present in the auditorium.While addressing the students of SITM, Dr Anuj said, “It was an ‘inner calling’ that inspired me to penning my first fictional book. The intense Subject discussed in the novel is quite germane. Having given the best years of my life to the Profession of Medicine, I strongly felt it was time for me to play a bigger role in the society which is what led me to take to donning the hat of an ‘author’. Journalists, Authors, Writers, Thinkers and Philosophers all, have had a critical role to play in the society with their ideas, thoughts and expressions.

I have this innate desire to create awareness regarding myriad issues pertaining to the holistic development and grooming of young minds especially children. I wish to contribute in my own special way towards educating people on good moral values and ethics, and the grave need for integrating the holistic education component with the existing curriculum of modern day education system. While dealing with issues related to children, we must always bear in mind that they are the most honest, innocent and delicate members of the humansociety who need to be guided towards the path of nobility and righteousness.

I see eternal duality of two distinct processes that influence a child. First one is available ‘Information’ that is abundant and limitless today, and for which avenue sources are countless such as the Print, TV, Radio, Broadcast TV, Internet Media. Those at the helm of affairs should not shun the responsibility tomeet students or parents needing help. As a firm believer of holistic education, Iam all geared to go the extra mile for ensuring the ‘all round development’ of young minds which includes the inheritance and integration of the best of human values and cultural traditions.”Educationist and senior media personality, Dayanand Vats struck an instant chord with the large audience, and managed to draw a thunderous applause every time he went to share his viewpoint on germane issues concerning the nation.

As the anchor of the event, Dr Arpita did a remarkable job, and was lauded by one and all. During the course of the event, DG Jamil Ahmad was presented a memento by stalwarts as a mark of appreciation and admiration for playing a pivotal role in holistically nurturing the students of his institute by inspiring them to become vital forces in the process of ‘Nation Building’. DG Jamil Ahmad in his speech said, “The emphasis on the 21st century should be on Positive Health, Prevention, Early Detection of the ailment, and Total Wellness which is all about attaining a state of perfect harmony between the three vital constituents of human system viz. Mind, Body and Spirit.

Life is extremely stressful today owing to stringent deadlines and the maddening commotion, as a result of which more and more people are falling prey to life threatening ailments and other health hazards. Ask experts, and they will suggest only temporary quick fix solutions by prescribing all sorts of medications. The permanent cure to modern day ailments and health complications actually lies in following basic fitness regimes like morning and evening walking, drinking water, having an organic diet, and above all, avoidinga sedentary lifestyle. The benefits of morning or evening walking are innumerable, and simply shouldn’t be overlooked.” Ten personalities from various fields were honoured with the first of its kind “Sarvottam Excellence Awards 2017” in recognition for their role and contribution in incessantly spreading awareness about Holistic Development among youths.

The awardees felicitated at the event were Dr Anuj (Renowned Microsurgeon & Author), Usha Thakur (noted social crusader), Dayanand Vats (Sr. Journalist & Founder- National Media Network), Sushil Vakil (Editor-Samachar Post), Bipin Sharma (Consulting Editor & Conceptualizer, Tennews. in), Neetu Singhal (Chief Editor-Navdrishti Times), Sunita Vakil (Editor- Fab Info Media), Rajesh Sharma (Media Coordinator & Crusader) Shiwangi Shrivastava (Social Media Strategist & Brand Accelerator), and Rishi Mishra (Consulting Political Editor)


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