Dinesh Aneja and Danj Entertainment hosted a fashionable soiree for the launch of their upcoming fashion tour Great India Fashion Tour at the Playboy club at Samrat Hotel in the capital.

Hina Siddiqui looking beautiful Ishpy kaur looking gorgeous in black Shayna singh keeping it trendyKhusboo gupta and Ken ferns  Rishab Jain with annie singh and Rajul Gupta in Samrat hotel Anamika gulati with AshitKeep it classy in Fashion party girlfriends friends akriti bharti and richa sharma

On the occasion, Goa based fashion designer Ken Ferns showcased his latest line of resort wear that was choreographed by Lokesh Sharma. With cocktails & canapés doing the rounds, among the known faces spotted included DJ Annie Singh, Sadan Pande, Anamika Benn, Ashit Gulati, Anuradha Sharma, Anuj Lalwani, Shaine Soni, Hida Siddiqui, Nikhil Lal and Rajul Gupta amongst others. To See more pictures from the party

Passionate couple picture IndiaPartying in Playboy pub, Samrat hotel.

Cattitude of Karsima Shandil and Shweta Kaushik


That's how we do in New Delhi













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