New Delhi, May 07, 2018: The Peaceful Mind Foundation, world’s leading psychology training centre and non-profit organisation dedicated towards mental health,is proud to announce that its founder, Dr Nabhit Kapur, has been nominated as the “The Peace Laureate”, as part of African Integrity Prize Laureate for Peace; by the African Child Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria.

The award was granted to him by the Nigerian Presidential Aspirant, Mr Donald Duke, making Dr Kapur the first Indian to receive such an honour in the international arena.

This nomination is a recognition of Dr Kapur’s selfless determination and commendable work across the Middle East and Africa towards the advocacy and promotion of better mental health through psychology.

By this honour, Dr Kapur will be listed with all benefits into the United Nations Volunteers for Peace in Africa (UNVPA), and be rated among African Union member states.  This is the first nomination for an Indian and is a matter of great pride for the country. In previous years, notable personalities like Koffi Annan, Fmr UN Secretary-General; Fmr President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama; Fmr Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, Arch Bishop Desmond TuTu have been recipients of this award.

Dr Nabhit Kapur is a leading psychology expert, social sector entrepreneur, pioneer, professional mentor and a global champion of positive mental health and well-being among all sections of society. He is also the Ambassador-at-Large, Spokesperson (Mental Health) for the United Refugee Green Council as well as Global Ambassador of Healthcare, Canada. He has also been recognised as the Ambassador of Mental Health and Psychology in Malawi and as an Ambassador of Peace by the UN Forum of Peace (IGO). He holds a World Record for his efforts towards revolutionising Psychology and making it a household term in over 24 countries in a short span of 1 year 6 months.

On receiving this prestigious recognition, Dr Kapur, Founder, Peacful Mind Foundation said, “I am thankful to the African Child Foundation for this recognition, which further helps me raise the visibility for India as a country on the world stage while at the same time pursuing my passion for promoting positive mental health. I look forward to their continued support in the journey towards making psychology a household term across the globe.”

On the occasion,spokesperson for the Foundation said, “Dr Kapur has demonstrated his desire to put others before self and we celebrate such individuals for others to emulate. His outstanding contribution to world peace though mental healthcare has in no small way contributed to global peace which Africa and Africans enjoy. This honour will encourage more Africans to do more selfless service and demonstrate highest levels of professionalism in the service of mankind.”

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