Noida, 7th of March 2018: The jewelry by Dream Diamonds is a tribute to the new age girl who is well travelled, informed and independent. Dream Diamonds  has always believed in the power of craftsmanship and also focuses on creating signature Pieces which can be handed down for generation.

Shahnaz Husain
Shahnaz Husain
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As an ode to the International women’s day, Dream Diamonds unveiled their new collection with a wide range to choose from, to be precise around 9000 designs to choose from. The product range starting from Rs 9999 is an all time jewelery which can be worn on any occasion be it a wedding function or while you are on way to work. Dream Diamonds has come out with a collection is dedicated to those who want a “no-fuss Wow factor” for their day. It has always lived up to cherish women’s perspective towards glamour and hence focuses more on designs to make a woman feel precious. 

Mr. Praveen Goel, from Dream Diamond says “With the launch of our new collection we will establish a new benchmark in the jewels and ornaments industry. Our designs are inspired by creativity; simultaneously it embraces contemporary styles and modern innovations. Our new stores at all places will provide an exhilarating shopping experience to its discerning customers“

From predicting trends and styles, to researching material selection and design, to giving a well scrutinized nod to the final product ‐ Mr Goel is a connoisseur par excellence who has a keen eye for all the facets that go into the fine art of jewellery making at Dream Diaomnds. Praveen believes that a combination of art, distinctive thought process and craftsmanship enables one to rise above the ordinary and create jewellery that is truly magnificent.

Dream Diamonds

Between creativity and the future, Dream Diamonds tells a new tale of luxury that goes beyond jewelry’s previous limits to mold precious material, Gold into original shapes and extraordinary volumes. Dream Diamonds  creates jewelry with strong, vibrant, instinctive charm. Objects of poetry that enchant and seduce at first sight.

Since 2016, Dream Diamonds has been a point of reference in precious material design, a distinctive name in Italian style renowned throughout the world by those capable of seeing beauty in form and value in detail. Designer PG is the brand’s single soul, his attraction in a single impassioned vision that has accompanied jewelry culture to the interpretation of today. Each and every Dream Diamonds jewel is entirely “Made in Italy” and the fruit of research that combines the classic workings of the Italian goldsmith’s tradition with stylistic innovation and technological experimentation.


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