Mumbai, 14th February 2018

In a recent event Entrepreneur Mrinal Sarda was awarded at the World Health & Wellness Congress Awards  – 2017. Mrinal Sarda has recently announced the Launch of the Wellness & Beauty Show celebrating Holistic Wellness. A first of its kind wellness show where well being of mind, beauty, heart and soul will get top priority.

The concept of “Health and Wellness” impacts all members of society, whether at a personal level in the positive senses of healthy behaviour and increased preventative care, or problematically, through the cost and availability of remedial healthcare.

World Health & Wellness Congress & Award will bring an international organization representing senior executives and leaders joined by a common interest in driving economic development and understanding health & wellness industries. Delegates from diverse sectors, including hospitality, tourism, health and wellness, beauty, finance, medical, manufacturing and technology attend the Summit attracts attendees from across the globe.

Mr. Mrinal Sarda curator of the show said “Wellness is a way of life. It teaches you how to infuse charisma, intention, and awareness of everything you do. It is not something you do; it is how you live. It exudes through your actions, your style and the way you move in the world, It also has seven dimensions to it; each of these dimensions acts and acts together in a way that puts into the quality of your life.


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