It was a week full of celebrations. Delhi was at its glamorous best as it hosted a week full of parties to celebrate the birthday anniversary of noted fashion stylist ShaineSoni at various swish venues of the capital.

Models, designers and a bevy of socialites were spotted letting their hair down at various soirees.

Among the prominent faces who marked their attendance included Nawab Kazim Ali Khan, Twinkle Vinayak, Amit Talwar, Varun Katyal, Neelam Saxena, Akash K Agarwal, Anuj Lalwani, Ratandeep Lal, Sujay Ghosh, Swati Modo, VireshVerma, Amit Hansraj, Sanjay Nigam, Sanjay Besoya, Ashish Dhondhiyal and Meeta Chaturvedi amongst others.


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