New Delhi, October 30,  2017: Giving Delhi a comical kick-Magic Creations Mom’s Theatre Group in association with Fenesta Windows & Amplifon presented ‘Shh.. Kaun?!’ on Friday evening, 27 Oct, at LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi. The play was staged by Magic Creations Moms’ Theatre Group, an all mothers group of Gurgaon, who have come together to claim their ‘creative kick’ back in life!

Scripted, Designed & Directed by Binod Sharma (NSD 2003), the Choreography and Music of the play is given by Jitendra Bisht. The story goes like this- Five individuals, bored of life, are looking to do something different. Fate gets them together and they decide to start a resort in Chamba, Uttarakhand.  Guests start coming in and each of them has a different experience altogether. Creepy, Scary, Funny, Mysterious …..What is this all about? What is the mystery of the resort? What is the story behind it? One needs to watch the play to get these answers. This concept has not been picked by the directors for live theatre since a long time. Execution involves, lots of visual effects being created with the help of technology and teamwork.

Play, Shh.. Kaun?!, has a very strong plot with suspense, drama, comedy, romance, mystery, all weaved into one wholesome package. The story keeps the viewer gripped, seeking more with each passing scene. The play also imbibes a strong message that gets evolved as the story progresses.

Talking about the Moms’ Theatre Group, Ms.Goyal continued “Our thought behind the launch of this group was to give the mothers in Gurgaon a creative corner, where they come, unwind and discover themselves all over again. As of now, the group is of 20 passionate mothers between the age brackets of 35 to 70years; they have come together to challenge themselves and find some ‘ME’ time while taking a break from their everyday routine. These mothers believe in investing in their own selves, by creating moments of happiness and creative satisfaction here. After spending time here, they go back all refreshed and happy, fueling back dollops of enthusiasm &passion to their routine lives.”

Among the important guests present were- Mr. Alok Mittal, IPS, Inspector General- National Investigation Agency (NIA);Actor Mr. Manoj Rajput; Ex- Director NSD, Mr. D R Ankur andNSD’s faculty Mr. Saoti Chakrabarty and senior NSDian, writer & director Mrs. Sushila Varnekar.

Mr. Alok mittal said that he enjoyed the play very much and it was a pleasure to see the moms perform like professional actors. Saoti ji congratulated the group and said that it was a tremendous effort to put such a show on stage. Sushila ji, who specially came from Maharashra to watch the play, extended her encouragement to the entire team. She said that it is a pleasure to see the moms breaking the boundaries of day-today routine and do something so creative for themselves and for their families.

Magic Creations is glad to have Fenesta Windows on board as the Platinum Sponsor. Fenesta windows and doors can instantly give any room a face-lift. Not only do they look great but provide insulation against noise, dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs making them ideal for Indian living conditions. They are also easy to install and can be used to change the character of any room, extend it or bring in more light.

The event is Co-powered by Amplifon. Amplifon is the world’s largest hearing care service provider, presence in 22 countries .It has more than 65 years of experience on treating hearing loss. In india amplifon has more than 200 clinics with experienced audiologists spread across 77 cities.



MAGIC CREATIONS is the pioneer in bringing an ALL MOMS THEATRE GROUP to the country. The group was launched in Feb 2013 under the Guidance of Binod Sharma from NSD. Magic Creations, an institute for visual & performing arts, was founded by Artist & Author Geetika Goyal in 2009. The purpose of starting up this venture was to fill the gap between learning and joy and bring out the unique creativity of every individual.


2013- Life in a Metro city– Mom’s Theatre Group came up with a collage of three stories, depicting the life in Metro cities. These stories touch varied emotions and ambitions of the residents of skyscrapers of cities like Gurgaon.

2014- ROCK– The group worked on a big project, with a concept that had not been picked by Theatre groups earlier. This production is based on the story of 9 aspiring musicians who come from different backgrounds and cultures but share the same passion. They create a band called ROCK and the story begins from there!

2015- BIWIYON KA MADARSA– Another production by the group, BIWIYON KA MADARSA, is the Hindi adaptation of a play by renowned French play writer Moliere. A houseful with extensive media coverage, this production is all set to be staged in various cities. Showcased again in Jan 2017 in Jaipur.

2016- TAARTOOF– Comic Satire by Molière is a story of a spiritual hypocrite, who tries to influence a family with his tricks. He tries to take charge of their money, property and their lives, but fails to do so as the story takes us towards a positive end to the play with lots of drama and emotions. A complete family entertainer, this production earned huge applause and media coverage.

2016- ANJI– An emotional entertainer by renowned playwright Vijay Tendulkar, Anji is a story of struggle of a girl, who wants to get married and is searching for a suitable match. Various situations in the play create humor, but the end of the play leaves the audience emotionally attached with the character- ANJI. Very well covered by media, this production touched a chord in the hearts of the audience.

Magic Creations Moms’ Theatre Group was launched to create space for moms to come, unwind and find themselves all over again.. most of them had acting as a childhood passion, some of them wanted to challenge themselves and some came for that ‘ME’ space… all in all a group of 20 Passionate mothers in the age bracket of 35 years to 70 years, who had joined the group for a few months to take a break from routine life, but even after completing almost four  years; no one is willing to take a break as this has become a part of their lives.

The message this group wants to convey is loud and clear- ‘There is no age for starting anything creative in life… So, don’t think, just go for it!’

Artists: Our Momstudents come from various professional fields. The list includes- IT professionals, Life skill coach, HR professional, retired professor, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Educators, Artist & Author, Scientists, Architect etc.

Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Shilpa Jamwal, Deepti Sinha, Dr. Anupma Rastogi, Dr. Meena Agrawal, Arvinda Bhatia, Lipika Sahoo, Manbir Kaur, Soumya Gulati, Rimjhim Godika, Geetika Goyal, Shruti Swaroop, Babita Chugh, Monika Sharma, Nishtha Sharma, Seema Mitra, Satindar Kaur, Shwetambra Sharma, Meenakshi M Singh, Rashmi Singh

Mentor & Director: Binod Sharma (NSD)

Group: Magic Creations Theatre Academy


Binod Sharma

Alumnus of NSD 2003
2004-2010: Part of NSD repertory as an actor
M.A. Economics- Guwahati University

Worked with H. Kanhaiyalal, renowned Director to get trained in Grotowski  (Poland) Theatre.

2006-2010- Visiting faculty of NSD

Runs his own theatre group GANDHARV in Assam, Guwahati

Associate Director, Theatre Artist of India, New Delhi

Working with several schools in Delhi-NCR

While his three years in NSD, worked with with several prominent directors of India & Abroad- Anupam Kher, Nasiruddin Shah, Om puri, Nadira Zaheer babbar, Dr. Anuradha Kapoor, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Adil Hussain, M.K.Raina, Vanshi Kaul, Mohan Maharshi, Vaman Kendra, Ratan Thiyam, Prasanna, Micheal Haward, Rob Cleere,

Got an opportunity to work with Tom Hanks, Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

His favourite characters: Macbeth (Macbeth), Julius Ceaser ( Brutus), Othello (Yago), 1857 (Wajid Ali Shah), Uncle Vanya (Uncle Vanya), Vivekanand (Vivekanand), Legend of Bhupen Hazarika (Young Bhupen Hazarika)

As a Script Writer: A deathall evening, System, Legend of Bhupen Hazarika, Mahanayak (Based on Assamese mobile theatre), Main aur meri chhaya, Lasit bar phukan (Assamese Play), You to Brutus (Based on Julius Ceaser, Rock, Biwiyon Ka Madarsa

As a Director: Major for Major, A doll’s House, Baby, A deathall evening, System, Legend of Bhupen Hazarika, Mahanayak (Based on Assamese mobile theatre), Main aur meri chhaya, Lasit bar phukan (Assamese Play), You to Brutus (Based on Julius Ceaser, Rock, Biwiyon Ka Madarsa,

Camera: Gatha, 13 December, Aarohi, Lahoo ke do rang

About Magic Creations

Magic Creations was inaugurated by renowned music maestro and Grammy award winner Pt. Vishvamohan Bhatt in the year 2009. In last 7 years, the institution has grown manifold in terms of courses, faculty, number of students and campus size. The vision of institution is to help convert Creative Individuals into Certified Professionals.

The present campus houses separate studios for Theatre, Music, Fine arts, Dance and Robotics. Magic Creations, an initiative by two IITians, has been associated with the best faculty from various fields. The institute has been associated with faculty from National School of Drama (NSD, New Delhi) all this while for training in theatre and camera acting. Most of the faculty members in department of theatre are also active team members at Kingdom of Dreams.  Other faculty members include teachers certified by Trinity School of London for Music, NID Ahmedabad for Design courses, LEGO trained trainers for Robotics courses, trained certified choreographers conducting dance classes and professional artists for fine art classes.

During its events, the institute has been fortunate to have the presence of names like Pt. Jasraj, Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, Padmashree Ashok Chakradhar, VK of khilona group (Film actor), Raj Sharma (Film Actor and casting director). The institute is frequently visited by various casting directors for auditions of the existing students for selections for movies, TV ads, Serials etc. Recently, one of our Moms Theatre Group participants made a debut in a Bollywood movie through the auditions held at our campus. The movie is under production at the moment.

Magic Creations has done 12 big Theatre & Music events and 7 in-house events in last 7 years.


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