It is the silver jubilee celebration portraying 25 years of IIHM’s existence. The exuberant 23rdInternational Delhi Food Festival featuring Indian cuisine based on the dishes of different  states  like New Delhi, Gujarat, West Bengal ,Rajasthan ,Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka  with an additional touch of international cuisines from Thailand, Middle East, and United Kingdom.

Organized by the students of IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management) on Friday, 16th February 2018 at a grand venue apt for the theme of the event. The glittering chandeliers, the dazzling lights illuminated in replication of a MAJESTIC TAJ with an amazed gathering of over 2000 guests across the hotel industry and the officers, serving more than 34 dishes.

The guests had a half mile long buffet to dig in, as grand as the theme, left every one bedazzled by the detailing and the professional delivery the students displayed.

All the guests were graciously welcomed with mock tail, welcome drinks and with an equally pleasing smile. Cultural team of the students replicated some state of the art performances matching to the standards of the event.

The cuisines were prepared by the students of IIHM under the supervision of renowned Chefs– Chef Ajay Panwar, Chef Deepak Rawat, Chef Harsh Neerav, and Chef Shray Shiv.

The event was attended by hotel industry experts, proud parents and delegates from the Ministry of Tourism.

The Cuisines were depicting their importance on their own in buffet. Out of all the spread in Soups “Mulligatwany” from Karnataka which is a national soup of India. Made with south Indian style vegetable rasam which made guests return to the Soup table till the end.

Fattoush (Middle East) was one salad that most went for. Made with pita, minced greens, and vegetables, hence it was the right concoction to try for, before heading for the main course.

A lot of guests headed for the appetizers and the most sought after one was “chicken Satay” from Thailand. It is a dish of seasoned, skewered, and grilled meat, served with peanut sauce and it’s a popular dish of Thailand.

In the Main course Batata Nu Shaak from Gujarat was one dish certainly not to be missed. Batata Nu Shaak is a traditional Guajarati style potato curry where as Macher Jhol from West Bengal was also one of the dish which was in the demand.

Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it was the last thing we all remember before we pass out over the table. There was such a beautiful fusions of Indian dessert with international dessert, some are like Raj Bogh & Cointreau Mousse, Moti Chur Cheese Cake and more. Desserts won lots of guest hearts. Especially, youngster’s as they preferred to dine in with the cakes and puddings than the dinner spread.

Abdullah Ahmed, Director IIHM Hotel School, Delhi remarked:-“These festivals are a part of the course and are a very important aspect in the overall delivery of education at our Hospitality Institutes across India. The students are exposed to such challenges of organizing and delivering as per the theme where research and planning may take about 3 months. This might be a festival for the outside World but for our students it is an examination where we test their skills and abilities. We believe that education is just not about books but is about overall exposure.”


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