New Delhi, Saturday, October 7, 2017: The Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) steps into the day 2 of the extremely anticipated ninth season of India Runway Week at The DLF Place Saket, New Delhi. As they are acknowledged to promote new & emerging talent along with renowned names in the industry; just like day 1, India Runway week highlighted the fashion trends of the upcoming winter festive season where a mix of fifteen prominent and imminent designers showcased the wisdom of fashion through their collections on day 2.

Just like the splendid and successful shows of day 1, the day 2 of India Runway Week W/F 2017 was opened by amazingly talented Apash by Aparna and Shruti where Singer Ankit Tiwari mesmerized everyone by his voice while walking the ramp for the designer duo. Followed by Rav by Vashu who presented his Nakshatra collection, Élan by Rahul & Vidhu showcased ‘Samhitha Collection’, Vintage Loom by Ashina Chharia, showcased her latest travel-themed collection ‘Wanderlust’. Shibani Dandekar walked the ramp for Twee-In-One by Niti Sehgal.

The next lined up show was by designer Sehrish Kabir who presented ‘Dilkash’, the show was followed by Nikheil & Rivendra where Ukrainian model Alexandra Kutas, the first fashion model with a disability, who graced the show with her appearance.Indian Cricket team Captain Mithali Raj who looked amazing in the La Styliste by Purvi Roy who presented Quirky Formalwear at India Runway Week Winter Festive 2017.Niharika Pandey, Varanasi Weavers and Artisans Society supported by AIACA, SoCHE also presented their collection for the audience. Casio presented Street Style Show by Fashion Bloggers, renowned jewellery designer Akassh K Aggarwal by Shubhashini Ornamentals presented Rangyatra with Geeta Kapoor being the show stealer; the show followed by Rajdeep Ranawat and Kaaisha by Shalini.

New Delhi saw India runway week season 2017

“India Runway Week is now in its 9th Edition and it is with great pride that we see it grow every year to include more designers and set a grander benchmark for ourselves.” Avinash Pathania, Director, Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD), said in a statement.

I am extremely happy with the kind of response we are getting with each passing show. These all are immensely talented designers and the increased number of entries along with the continued growth of the India Runway Week reaffirms the platform’s stature in terms of relevance and reach in the Indian fashion market.” Kiran Kheva, fashion director, IFFD, stated about the event’s growing prominence in the industry.


Designer Showcases

Apash by Aparna & Shruti: APASH is brand coming from the land of culture and heritage. This is what the brand came up with theme Kesariya which clearly described the heritage and royalty of the state Rajasthan. The round is going to have lot of colours on the ramp with beautiful handcrafted work of Gota- Patti, Pitten and Zardozi. Kesariya theme has showed showing modern women yet very traditional and rooted from their own roots with amazing shades of Kesariya that is saffron colors. There surely a lot of drama on the ramp.

Rav by Vashu: Staring deep into the constellation, admiring the magical beauty, decorated with thousands of stars forming mythological forms or zodiac sign, are blended as an inspiration of elegance & grace for the Indian ethnic wear. Fused with the twist of denim, decorated with beautiful embroidery work of zardozi, each garment has an inspiration from a particular zodiac sign. The elegance of Zardozi, and the beauty of denim gives a collection of magical and mesmerizing range of denim ethnic wear, named -Nakshatra.

Elan by Rahul & Vidhu: With its “Samhitha Collection”, Élan by Rahul & Vidhu showcased its ensembles with a very simple yet classy look. The garments had stone embroidery with some metal brooches making a balance with the subtle essence of the collection which is apt for the festive season. To give a final and festive look the designer duo paired their garments with some junk jewellery giving a not too heavy or too light look. The modern yet Indian look is the idea behind all the panelling and embroidery done on the garments. Techniques like overlapping and partial layering can be seen in some of the garments.

Vintage Loom by Ashinachharia: Vintage Loom by Ashina Chharia will be showcased her latest travel themed collection “WANDERLUST” at India Runway Week Winter Festive 2017. With her collection “Wanderlust”, Ashina reflected the growing desire to travel and explore amongst people.The quirky visa stamp motifs, bold World Map embroideries, upbeat aviators, hand written postcards, angel’s wings embellishments resonate with the people’s’ willingness and courage to step out and discover themselves with a new perspective. The use of each element in the collection has aesthetic significance. Beadwork with brass beads gave it a vintage charm, subtle thread work and pearls for delicacy and glass beads for a little bling!The entire collection was based on the silhouette of a pantsuit to reflect the blend of uptight city formals to atypical, fun embellishments breaking through the uniformity to give a fresh, fun and free feel.

Twee in one by Niti Sehgal: TweeinOne aims to bring its customer’s a little happiness by solving all these problems through their exclusive collections of reversible and convertible clothing for India Runway Week W/F 2017.A garment which can be worn on both the sides. That has two garments of two different styles in ONE garment.With the products at Twee In One, you don’t just reverse the garment; you reverse your look as well.Go formal from casual. Be ready to step into a party directly from the office. Pull off a night look with the same garment you wore through the day. Simply reverse!

Sehrish Kabir: The collection named “Dilkash” which is inspired by the vibrant heritage, old-world luxury, elegance and refinement of the Mughal era in the form of gardens Paintings and refined architecture. The Mughal Garden became the vibrant canvas for the collection. Conveyed its feminine spirit the collection merged romanticism with practicality. The collection seeks a perfect blend of Mughal elegance with modern Silhouettes which comes alive on rich textiles like velvets, royal Banarasi Brocades, heavy sequined nets. The beauty of Royal Garden is authentically captured and converted into delicate embroideries and majestic prints with perfect harmony of alluring shades. Each creation is exquisite and crafted to perfection. And surely India Runway Week is a platform best suited for such vastly talented designers.

Nikheil & Rivendra: Nikheil & Rivendra winter/festive 2017 collection “Vintage Vibes” at India Runway Week evokes nostalgic look with an ode to the Retro 50’s. Color palette included dark and muted colors like Marsala, wine, aubergine, blue, teal, black, ash grey. Silhouette line included corset jumpsuit, saree style jumpsuit, corset gowns, pencil dresses, wide leg pants, blazers, corsets all harmonized with clutches, belts, pocket watch, brooches & vintage sun glasses. Alexandra Kutas the first fashion model with a disability from Ukraine graced the ramp for the designers ‘

Alexandra Kutas the first fashion model with a disability from Ukraine graced the ramp for the designers ‘Nikheil & Rivendra’ winter/festive collection ‘Vintage Vibes’ at India Runway week 2017 on Oct 07, 2017 at DLF Place Saket. Her courage & perseverance certainly inspire a lot of people with disabilities not to stop on their way to their dream. Nikheil & Rivendra winter/festive 2017 collection “Vintage Vibes” at India Runway Week evokes nostalgic look with an ode to the Retro 50’s.

La-Styliste by Purvi Roy: La-Stylistehas launched its lookbook with the theme ‘Warriors Alley’ Gone are the days when women are weak, powerless victims.We believe every individual especially women of any profession, working with all his compassion and aspiration to get his dreams fulfilled is a ‘True Warrior’. As our country is going through the age of industrial development with countless hands supporting the wheel of development at their back, our collection is entirely designed to respect the spirits of those hard-working hands. As per our vision, every worker is a ‘warrior’ and industries are their ‘battlefield’.

Niharika Pandey: Niharika Pandey known for her bold, whimsical and heavily influenced by the street culture. It has a little nostalgic feel about this collection which is designed especially for India Runway Week W/F 2017 because the fabric has been developed by weavers from her village in Bihar. It’s all handloom and handcrafted and it is depicting the power of a woman and young Indians. It’s about a good change. It’s more like the message saying about the cleanness of our country, to depicting the culture of India, the beauty of diversity, Equality of genders. Clothing that appears simple on the hanger becomes rhythmically alive on the body. The natural feel of fabrics can be used to maximum effect, creating original shapes that extend the vocabulary of body language. The fabric has been used are khadi handloom, different weaves designs from cotton yarn on looms. the offbeat and freewheeling collection, a profound influence and inspired , demonstrating the value of intensity and being true to one’s personal vision without compromise.

Varanasi Weavers and Artisans Society supported by AIACA: The collection presented at India Runway Week Winter Festive October 2017 has been developed using the finest skills of Varanasi weaving. The designs are contemporary motifs woven using traditional techniques of kadhua and kadhiyal. Each piece has been woven using finest katan silk and zari threads. The colours have been adapted to a modern taste that makes these pieces more versatile. They can be worn in evenings and formal occasions and do not get restricted to weddings and festivities which Varanasi id traditionally synonymous with.

SoChe: Making a bold statement on sustainable fashion at India Runway Week season 9, Solutions for Clean and Healthy Environment Foundation (SoCHE Foundation) upcycled discarded patches of ‘Kalavat’ hand embroidery from Barmer’s remote villages in Rajasthan, on khadi, organic cotton and handloom fabric. Upcycled the embroidery into high-end sustainable fashion is SoCHE Foundation’s effort to promote sustainable living and contribute to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 – responsible production and consumption. The collection was titled Warrior Women and Elements of Nature. Styled uniquely as warriors, the models sported khadi dhotis with ‘Kalavat’ blouses depicting the five elements of Nature — Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space. The designs urged the audiences to reconnect with the elements of Nature and reminded them of its power at all times.

Casio presents Street Style Show by Fashion bloggers: When it comes to choosing the perfect look, you cannot just miss a wristwatch to stand out in the crowd. With a cool and stylish watch, you can speak thousands words about your style and personality without even saying a word. The company has a wide portfolio of stylish, tough, and elegant watches that are suitable to stay ahead in fashion world and add a magnificent persona to the one who wear them on their wrist. Casio’s G-Shock brand is synonymous with toughness and creates a style statement for men who appreciate tough look, new technology, and great design. The brand represents an energetic and youthful attitude and the core philosophy of product innovation is offering tough watches that are unique as well as fashionable. The brand has created a niche image among the personas including professionals, geeks, travelers, fashion aficionado, tech lovers, adventurers, students, and celebrities. Casio BABY-G series accompanies you wherever you go. It fits every aspect of your active life. The watches are sporty, bold, and colorful. The stunning design reflects loud colors and stylish fashion trends, catching the eye of fashion lovers. The stylish and edgy watches are perfect for watch enthusiasts who enjoy an adventure and take life as it comes.

Shubhashini Ornamentals by Akkash K Aggarwal: For India Runway Week Winter Festive 2017 Akassh K Aggarwal presented Rangyatra- The collection is Vibrant that Resonates with the Symbolism of Old Tribal INDIAN Art of DOKRA, KOFTGARI, BIDRI, MEENAKARI.. PEROI and Jadau fine techniques in filigree motif, stamped lightweight metal sheet work , embossed 3D and Metallics Gold & Silver with EMERALS…RUBIES…SAPPHIRE PEARLS…and much more multicolor stones….Assortment of Multiple Accessories Options, gives the collection a versatility to be worn on ethnic as well with indowestern , The time is about to be Jeweled Bold & Beautiful.

Rajdeep Ranawat: Rajdeep Ranawat’s VERSAILLES is a mirage, a sumptuous and theatrical entertainment. It is also a manifestation of glory and power imposed to a great extent by art, luxury, and magnificence,” – Valérie Bajou. Inspired by the opulence of the Chateau de Versailles, Rajdeep Ranawat presented his Autumn Winter 2017 women’s wear collection at India Runway Week Winter Festive 2017. Using these as guidelines, Rajdeep Ranawat created a fresh new contemporary collection with elements of the French affluence. Incorporated the interiors lavish details in his prints, the designer has created an autumn-winter collection in rich hues that symbolizes the French fashion of that bygone era.Split into a palette of six stories that complemented the changed seasonal mood as the year concludes, Versailles by Rajdeep Ranawat delivers a sinuous impression that can be easily incorporated into any chiffonier.

Kaaisha by Shalini: An exquisite ensemble of sensuous drape sarees, sharara sarees, lehenga sarees, corsets and gowns, Kaaisha by Shalini’s collection for India Runway Week Winter Festive 2017 defied the conventional expectations of beauty by bringing to the forefront a diverse range that defines every woman. Adorned in extensive rich Indian handloom fabrics like Banarasi, rangkaat, jaamanaars and chanderis, these traditional textures were offset with imported French laces and satins. Richness of deep hues of greens, burgundy and blues merged with the metallic overtones. Abundant emphasis was given to the fluidity in drapes, and richness and detailing in embroideries consisting of nakshi, zardozi, dabka, sequence and thread work. Working in perfect harmony, the diverse collection accentuated the fifty shades of inner goddess each woman is capable of, as the models sashayed across the runway.

About India Runway Week

India Runway Week is among the top three fashion week platform of India and it’s a biannual trade event which is held especially for young emerging fashion designers in New Delhi, India with Summer Edition and Winter Festive editions in a year and Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) determines the dates. In 2013 The Indian Federation for Fashion Development (IFFD) understood the need to promote young breed of Indian designer so that they can get recognition and generate business for themselves, IFFD established one of its own kind fashion trade event which completely at par with any fashion week around the globe. India Runway Week has been seen as the first fashion week completely focusing on young designers in India.


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