First time in the History of Indian Fashion a full day was dedicated to INDIAN Designers during London Fashion Week S/S 18 at prestigious Fashion Scout on 19th September 2017. 32 young designers including 24 INIFD-LST student designers showcased during the INDIA Day organised by Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) and London School of Trends (LST) in collaboration with Fashion Scout London.

Atisha Pratap Singh the young Kuchipudi Dancer from New Delhi started the celebration with her elegant performance at Free Masson Hall, London.

Indian Designer Priyanka Khosla presented her collection “MalMalTadka” at the Inaugural show which highlights the relevance of Traditional Indian Fabrics –MalMal and Khadi for the Global Market.

Queen of prints Masaba Gupta was the Designer for the Grand Finale of INDIA DAY. She unveiled her latest collection “Nosy Be”which was applauded by all the Glitterati present at the show.

Two student shows featuring 24 Student Designers from Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) and London School of Trends (LST) was the highlight of INDIA Day. The two shows “The New Rashtra”and “The Rangeen Riot” inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India make the audience spellbound with their creativity and GenNext designs.

6 Emerging Designers from India captured the hearts of Fashion Fraternity from all across the world while presenting their following collections:-







All the collections showcased during the INDIA DAY were inspired from the deep-rooted culture of India with Western aesthetics and silhouettes. This unique combination of East and West was well appreciated by the critics, Buyers and Fashion lovers.

Mr Sunny Somra Executive Director London School of Trends said that by providing platform to young Indian Designers to showcase their creativity during London Fashion Week we have tried to accomplish the formula of 5 “F” given by honourable Prime Minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi from Farm to Fiber, Fiber to Fabric, Fabric to Fashion, Fashion to Foreign.

Ms Ritu Kochhar Founder Director INIFD was excited at the success of first ever INDIA DAY at London and she thanked the Team of Fashion Scout London at London Fashion Week for providing this Golden Opportunity to the budding Designers from India. She added that the Success of this season will motivate us to organise INDIA DAY at much higher scale during London Fashion Week A/W 18 in February 2018.

 Details of Collections

·        INDIA DAY celebration began with a Kuchipudi classical dance by AtishaPratap Singh

She performed two dance sequences Tarana a Hindustani musical item, a composition of Bharat RatnaPandit Ravi Shankar. And EVR a typical Ganesha Technical dance form. This is one of the purest Kuchipudi pieces.

·        MALMAL TADKA by Ace Designer PRIYANKA KHOSLA from the City Beautiful Chandigarh

MalmalTadka is an Indian Fusion Festive brand with a modern interpretation of a vintage aesthetic. Inspired from the wholesome and untouched nature of art and craft that is created during one’s childhood and to bring these to life she has used techniques like thread-work, gota, appliqués and mirror-work; preserving the innate Indian taste, supporting Indian artisans, the backbone of Indian craftsmanship presenting quirky craft motifs such as ‘Innocent Garden,’ ‘Gota Garden,’ ‘Doll-Face,’ in most popular Indian fabrics like khadi, cotton, chanderi in cohesion with malmal.


HardikaGulati a designer from New Delhi presentedIMMORTAL LIVES. Inspired by a lot of unsolved and undiscovered things about JELLYFISH gives the designer a large scale to experiment with body and soul. Hardika is a Gen Next Designer from Lakme Fashion Week.

·        SAKSHI BHALLA a young budding designer from Chandigarh presented her Collection VAYANA – The Weaving

Weaving is a beautiful and a time taking art of creating infinite patterns. The same phenomenon is experienced in women’s life. A Women weaves values in the future generations she is blessed with. She herself is the core fabric who binds generations.

·        RHAPSODY OF DUNES by established designer JASMINUM from Punjab, land that has a rich history & heritage

The inspiration for this collection comes from the mesmerising Seven Coloured hues of the Mother Earth. The styling has touches of sixties glamour, clothing that do not go out of fashion.

·        AVLEEN KAUR a young talented designer from Punjab presented her Collection the PERSIAN BAHAAR”

The designer’s initiative is to revive the Parsi embroidery, a truly inter cultural craft which has become an inseparable part of traditional Indian textiles. Parsi embroidery is an aesthetic composition of pictorial traditions found in four cultures – Indian, Persian, Chinese& European.

·        KAMRAN PATEL Gen Next designer from Mumbai presented his collection RETRO FUTURISTIC

A collection derived from the futuristic & alien life by keeping it natural & attached to the Indian roots, which is a representation of rich Indian heritage & culture. Toda hand embroidery is about to extinct, this leads the designer to promote the craft & keep it alive.

·        KANIKA MANCHANDAfrom the Capital city of India – New Delhi, presented her Collection “Countess Flora”

Idea is born by a dream inspired by the sheer beauty, history and plethora of the incredible colours and patterns of the flowers at the world most stunning spring gardens.


A youth icon for all aspiring designers, a young lady listed as one of the 50 most dynamic trendsetters of India titled as QUEEN OF PRINTS – MASABA GUPTA from India presented her collection NOSY BE

Seldom explored, the beautiful island Nosy Be serves as the inspiration for her collection. Modest yet ethereal, this colourful and opulent collection brings out the essence of India’s diverse mix through its curated silhouettes that speak about personalities & ideologies. Ancient Warli paintings are brought to life through prints.


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