Edna Rose, the founder of La Natalia is a dietitian, therapist and cosmetologist par excellence. Having experience in the field of Naturopathy and Ayurveda, she has been in the business of weight loss and skin treatments for the last 10 years. After creating a cult with La Natalia in Goa, she has embarked on a new journey in Delhi to meet people’s aspirations here regarding weight loss and skin rejuvenation. In fact her tryst with diet and therapy has set new benchmarks for the fashion and beauty industry.


But more than that it is a dream come true for many of those who are constantly grappling with weight management problems. With her USP of eating the food you love, regaining your health and losing the weight for good, she has already caught attention of Delhiites. Her amazing nutrient rich weight loss programme helps achieve lifelong weight loss while allowing one to still enjoy sweets one loves. Edna is a dietitian who meets all of a set of special academic and professional requirements.

After learning about a patient’s health history, favourite food, eating and exercise habits, she helps the person to set goals and prioritise unique ways for best results combined with herbs therapy and ayurvedic remedies for best results.

Edna has received many awards and certificates of merit, she is often invited as a speaker on different news channels to address diet related questions and also participate in debates. She has also been answering hundreds of queries on news channels on a daily basis.

She has expertise in weight loss, weight gain, therapeutic programmes, cholesterol management and healthy heart diet. Her holistic view of nutrition and personalized sessions with clients give her an edge as a health and weight management professional. Her motto is to work towards building a long term relationship with her clients. She will not compromise on anything for giving short term gains.


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