To make the experience of age old tradition of celebrating Ramleela more immersive and exhilerating, this year the world’s biggest Luvkush Ramleela will be showcased in a grand manner in comparison with past years. As this time along with artists their performances, costumes and other detailing on the stage will mesmerise the audiences with the influx of digital technology to make LuvKush Ramleela more accessible and adaptable to modern times.

Luvkush Ramleela will be revealed in 14 different languages along with more digital technology. In the recent press conference held in Constitution Club of India, Delhi, many ideas and details were revealed by the Chairman of LuvKush Ramleela, Ashok Aggarwal.

Along with him, the event was graced by Avtar Gill, Rupesh Kataria, Shankar Sahni, Ritu Shiv Puri, Payas Pandit, who will be performing this year in Ramleela. And as per the details by Chairman Ashok Aggarwal, “nowadays youngsters are more into social media and digitality, after studying these trends in depth, we decided to add more digital technology. According to him, last year more than nine hundred thousand viewers watched Live Ramleela on Youtube, the highest number of viewers was from European countries and the rating kept on increasing.”

Talking about the characters this year, he told media, Avtar Gill will portray Vibhishan, Ritu Shiv Puri will be Sita’s mother Sunaina. Shankar Sahni will be Guru Vashisht. This year LuvKush Ramleela will be highlighted for the National and International audience through Television. Well, the 40-year-old LuvKush Ramleela will be showcased from 10th October till 21st October 2018.


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