9th May New Delhi: Everyone in the world has a passion but for the young prodigy Rishab Gulati it was Music. He was drawn towards the drums very early on in his life.

As time passed, and I got older, I became more interested in music and for the last eight years I have taken professional drums training and have even passed with distinction the 7th grade of Rock school examinations.

Recently, I was drawn towards the Harmonium when I heard it for the first time playing at the Gurudwara. The Harmonium is mostly used to accompany classical music; however, since I also play the drums I experimented by fusing the music of both the instruments to even suit the latest pop music. Speaking more to the young talent, Rishab says “I have compiled the song ‘Cheap Thrills by Sia’ and many more songs to the beat of the harmonium and drums. I have performed several times in school and on family events. Playing in front of varied audiences has always been a great experience because I get the opportunity to meet new people and even learn a lot about music. Music has taught me the importance of discipline, listening, and the power of working and creating something new. I believe that music gives us the ability to express ourselves and there is nothing more liberating than that.”

Adding further he said “I thank my parents for their constant support and guidance to take my passion for music to the next level.”


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