I want to clear all confusions –Producer Manoj Kumar Mandi.

With hard work of approximately one and a half year Hindi film “Muzaffarnagar-The Burning Love” which is based on riots of year 2013, is now censored and going to release on 17th November 2017. A businessman by profession producer Manoj Kumar Mandi is witness of the riots and he feels it is very necessary to clear all confusion between societies, and to bring love and affection between them. For this he decided to pen the story and make this film, Manoj even took lots of pain in selection of artists, so that they can justify the characters thus Dev Sharma, Aishwarya Devan, Ekanksh Bhardwaj, Anil George and Musraleen Qureshi were selected to play main characters.

Director Harish Kumar said that this film is based on riots of Muzaffarnagar in 2013, where between violence there was a love story also between two lovers, so this film is also a emotional film.

Film is made under the banner of ‘Morna Entertainment Private Limited’, music by Manoj Nayan, Rahul Bhatt and Faraz Ahmed.

When producer Manoj Kumar Mandi was asked that how does he got this idea to make this realistic film? He said due to his business work he always travels in various states of India, and he noticed various opinions between common man on Muzaffarnagar riots, Muslims were thinking there community has suffered, whereas Hindus were thinking the same thing, then this thought came in my mind that everyone should know the reality, otherwise these thought is harmful for our country and thus this thought was born to make a film which is the easiest way to convey message.

What is your main intention behind this film?
Manoj said “I want to convey a message to our fellow Indians, I want to tell everyone that the gossips and wrong information spread due to riot of 2013 is not true, there is no enmity between Hindu and Muslims, I was present during that time, yes there was some violence but it was due to some misunderstanding, otherwise everyone are together there in Muzaffarnagar. I have seen love and affection between both communities, so this is the main reason behind making of this film. Even censor board didn’t objected anything in this film, yes they suggested to rectify its title, that we did, director Harish Kumar’s vision was absolutely clear, he has handeled entire subject very delicately.


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