New Delhi, 7th of January 2018

Narmadeshwari as a saree brand is the extension of Fearless, Egoless and Selfless commitment to Spiritual Humanitarianism. An afternoon was hosted by Amit Rastogi and Sumit Rastogiof RCKC to Unveil Narmadeshwari Sarees.

Ram Chandra Krishan Chandra Karol Bagh (RCKC, Karol Bagh) would be the first franchise to market Narmadeshwari sarees, pure silks and cottons manufactured, designed and handpicked from tribal communities of India, the nomadic and de-notified tribes of India and weaver communities belonging to the socially and economically disenfranchised sections of India.

The event was attended by stalwarts like Bajrang Lal Gupt, who is the RSS Kshetra Sang-Chalak of North India. During his powerful speech, he compared Narmadeshwari to the river Narmada and explained how it is the only river in India which doesn’t flood in times of rain or doesn’t dry up. Just like the Hindutva Abhiyan Sadhana, the Narmada river is eternal and a constant source of empowerment. He applauded the vision of Param Pujya Rashtra Rishi Shri Lahiri Guruji. Also present was Dr. Suvarna Rawal, Chairperson of the Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan (BVVP), BVVP has been working for the upliftment of the nomadic and the denotified tribes and the gypsy communities and she is very happy that Narmadeshwari is taking it to the next level and that a Spiritual leader is engaging society in this Empowerment Initiative.

Also present was Jasvir Sohl, a process technology expert, an investor from the U.K and a staunch disciple of the Hindutva Abhiyan. He shared his spiritual experiences and his own transformative journey under the spiritual guidance of Param Pujya Rashtra Rishi Shri Lahiri Guruji.

The essence of Hindutva lies in empowering others and Narmadeshwari is an expression of Holistic Empowerment.

Spiritual Humanitarianism is the Holistic Empowerment of the most backward sections of society in a selfless, fearless and egoless way such that one not only provides for the day to day well-being of these sections but also empowers them to empower others.

Spiritual Humanitarianism in essence is the practice of Hindutva Abhiyan Sadhana, of Shri Ram Tatva Sadhana and Shri Krishna Tatva Sadhana.

Shri Ram Tatva Sadhana is the practice of being committed to spiritual humanitarianism in which one selflessly empowers oneself and uses one’s empowerment to empower others selflessly.  Shri Krishna Tatva Sadhana is the commitment to uphold humanitarian values by rising above tendencies of complacency & appeasement and to become strategically prepared as a society so as to bring in a Spiritual Renaissance.

This, Shri Ram Tatva Sadhana and Shri Krishna Tatva Sadhana, consolidate and channelize the entrepreneurial spirit and capabilities of the entire society.

India is a massive country with huge diversities. There are so many tribal communities who specialize in producing world class artefacts, products, services, but because they inhabit extremely backward areas in the interior heartland of India, their products never reach the global audience who have the financial capability to truly appreciate these products. These tribal, these nomadic and denotified communities chronically suffer from poverty, backwardness, malnutrition and lack of opportunities.


Narmadeshwari is dedicated to empowering these tribal communities, these backward sections of India by providing them with a platform of creative directors, designers and trainers which will facilitate their products, their ancient skills, their services, their knowledge and wisdom to reach the global audience.

Narmadeshwari aims to make these products, ancient skills, services, knowledge and wisdom available to a global audience which will in turn lead to the holistic empowerment of these backward communities. This social, economic, political, intellectual and spiritual empowerment will lead to the birth of an enlightened India benefiting all of humanity.

Narmadeshwari is the brand that channelizes the entrepreneurial spirit, the entrepreneurial capabilities and innovation of the entire Society.

Narmadeshwari is the Sadhana which consolidates and channelizes the productivity of each and every person.  With THIS empowerment of the socially and economically backward sections of society, a resurgent India, an India enlightened with renaissance will be born thus benefiting the entire humanity.

The brand Narmadeshwari, owned by Strategic Empowerment represents the sum total of Selfless, Fearless and Egoless Hindutva Abhiyan Sadhana being done by crores of Hindutva Abhiyan Sadhaks in India and across the world.

Narmadeshwari is, in the true sense, a Global Brand that is an Expression of Spiritual Humanitarianism in its purest form.


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