New Delhi, February 12, 2018:  As we approach International Women’s Day which is less than a month away, it’s time to celebrate such home startups. If thousands of women start doing this, millions of jobs will be created. Episode-4 of चलो StartUp features an inspirational mother-daughter duo each of whom has created her own business from home.

Why should Start Ups be limited to young people doing it at accelerators, incubators or co-working spaces? Every home can be a startup. Women can use their time (whether full or part) to turn their hobbies into real business.

Charu Nanda was always very fond of baking. When her kids started going to senior school, she converted her hobby into a small part-time home business. ‘Charu Nanda’s Home Baked Cakes’quickly became popular among her family, friends & neighbours. This was possible only because of active support from her husband, mother-in-law & children. Her daughter, Bani, observed and learnt from her. While at college in Delhi University, she decided she wanted to be a chef. With professional training in Paris, knowledge of social media, and the energy of youth, she has started ‘Miam’, a Pâtisserie that specializes in modern cakes & pastries. Mom & daughter share a kitchen at home, and help each other. But they run their own businesses.

Charu and Bani have proved that women can translate their hobbies into successful businesses. Their example also shows how family support and cooperation is a critical factor in making this happen. It also demonstrates how the next generation brings modern ideas to expand or enhance the business their parents set up.

This episode, HAR GHAR START UP, will hopefully inspire many more women to create home businesses around food, teaching, music, dance, yoga, or literally anything.

After a great success of the initial videos in the चलो StartUp series, Srikant Sastri who is a startup mentor, investor and evangelist has come up with another episode HAR GHAR START UP: Every home can be a startup releasing on February 15th, 2018 on Youtube.


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