Sonaakshi Raaj is one of the youngest and very successful designers in the country. She took Bollywood by storm with her impeccable designs. The most liked and popular was the Saree-gown. She has been coined the saree-gown queen. Saree-gown is the latest trend, which is an amalgamation of the Indian traditional silhouette with a western touch.

Saree-gowns are the perfect solution for the new generation. Today’s generation indulges in indo-western trends that are in vogue and garments that are hip, modern yet tastefully traditional. The saree-gowns are available in a variety of shapes with many colour and print alternatives. From loud colours to pastels, from floral prints to heavy embroideries, we have many options to choose from. From bodice blouses to regular blouses to capes, the silhouettes are multifold. The versatility of the saree-gowns goes beyond events. From cocktail parties to red carpet events, they fit everywhere.

Many celebrities these days have started experimenting with their looks and have begun to try new styles. From Bollywood to Hollywood, the saree-gowns have been making their way over the world.

Wearing sarees has become a task now. As times change, traditions tend to change too. Not every woman in India can tie a saree and that’s okay, we have so much work to do. But this doesn’t and shouldn’t let it affect the beauty, style, and elegance of the saree. A woman wearing a saree does not only display its outer beauty but also carries the heritage with it. A recent new concept of saree gowns has come out and its prevalence started from Indian designers.

A saree gown is the epitome of Indo-Western Style. It shows how Indians are open to the Western Culture but will never forget their heritage and culture. It has become a super hit on the Red Carpet as celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Jacquline Fernandez, Sonam Kapoor, and Shilpa Shetty have rocked these looks.

Every heartthrob actress has set her heart on a saree gown and its not only the Bollywood actresses that have this craze it has gone international right to the heart of LA, in Hollywood with Paris Hilton wearing it in India to launch her handbag store. Another example set by one of the top A-list Hollywood actor was when Hayden Panettiere wore a beautiful saree gown to the 64th EMMY Awards.

Since then we have seen trends being set by the top designers like Sonaakshi Raaj and it becoming a hit especially as Ramp to Street style. It has become such an integral part of Indian Fashion that these sell out like hotcakes. They’re a big part of choosing a wedding outfit as the bride as well the friends. Sonaakshi Raaj carries an extreme variety of different takes and innovations on the Saree Gown.

Social birds nowadays will never be seen in the traditional and boring cuts and shades. Saree gowns fill this gap tremendously. The saree silhouetted in the form of a gown is truly westernized. Hence it gives modern vibes that can be almost the same as a cocktail outfit.

If you notice closely, you will notice that it has a long gown that has a lap on the left shoulder. The foot-long gowns are carried as a fishtail saree. They are designed so that they have a pallu hanging loosely from the shoulders.

They are chic and the perfect concept creating for today’s generation and for those to come.


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