The ever-evolving world of fashion has seen a lot of changes over the years. When it comes to Indian wear, we’ve seen simple plain shades, extravagant loud colours and embroideries for days to name a few. The latest and most trending change has come in through the introduction of pastel shades. Pastel shades are subtle yet elegant, minimal yet stylish.

Keeping up with Pastel wear trend is the designer duo Saumya & Bhavini Modi, young Indian designers. Their designs are young, trendy and affordable with their aim of delivering a blend of traditional silhouettes with a westernized touch.

The fabrics they use are fit for all seasons, they light and comfortable. They do not have mainstream pastel shades instead they play around with different shades and match them in unimaginable ways. Their garments are bringing in innovation to their Indian wear yet keeping it effortlessly traditional.

On speaking to Fab Info Magazine about the latest trend, Bhavini Modi said “Colours have a deep influence on us. The colours around you, like in your house or your clothes define your mood and personality. Pastel shades while not obviously bright yet seem like happy colours. In today’s times when people avoid being over the top and like keeping their look classy, pastel shades are a huge hit in the market.”

Adding further to it, Saumya said “Today’s generation believes that less is more and pastels make for the most opulent choice. With the soon approaching summer, pastels are the ideal shade to beat the heat. They feel breezy and are easy to style. Pastels can easily be styled with other colours and prints, whether it comes to dark colours like styling a pastel pink with a dark purple or styling a pastel blue with a minimal floral print. It goes with everything.”

Pastels can be designed in a variety of cuts and silhouettes, which is what Saumya & Bhavini Modi believe in too. They have anarkalis, lehengas, crop tops and dhoti pants in various pastel shades. All in all pastels are a trending phenomenon that is here to stay.


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