The name “Shahnaz Husain” goes synonymous with both organic Beauty care
and Women Empowerment. Widely acclaimed as the “Global Pioneer of
Ayurveda”, she has incessantly lent her time for all germane issues especially
those pertaining to empowering women.
Just recently, Shahnaz registered her presence at the enGENDERed
Dialogues…“Women Changing the World” Conference organized by Niti Aayog
with Shift Series and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation, at The
Q’la, New Delhi. Actress Pooja Bedi too was part of the event.
A curated experience, “enGENDERed Dialogues…Women Changing the
World” promises to rise to conversations around the central theme of women
overcoming limitations and encumbrances, going on to realize their boundless,
colossal potential and thus, taking their place in the new world order.
The Shift Series in sync with NITI Aayog and TGELF (The Global Education
and Leadership Foundation) is a vital part of the Road to Global
Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), an important Indo-US initiative. As part of the
‘ROAD TO GES’, The Shift Series is organizing a series of events through
which they are seeking to highlight the role that women have in changing the
These events are all aimed towards women change makers, and target an
audience that includes women hailing from an unrestrained array of social and
professional fields, who are lifelong learners seeking to explore their identity
and change mindsets in an ever evolving society. The speakers chosen for this
event comprise an eclectic mix varying from grassroots warriors to eminent
theatre and TV personalities. Their talks will draw upon their personal and
professional experiences, and primarily focus on the theme of women
Sharing more on ‘women empowerment’ and the need to embrace ‘change’,
Shahnaz in an exclusive chat said, “I believe that woman empowerment means
financial independence and self-reliance for women. If women are encouraged
to go out to work, the family can benefit from the earnings of two members. The
quality of life of their children would definitely improve.
I also believe that the   development of skills and vocational training are very important for financial independence. I have been committed to vocational training of the speech, hearing and visually impaired, through my free beauty training courses for them. Today, I feel proud that women have achieved so much. But we still have a long way to go. Woman empowerment is not just about one day in the year. It should be an on-going process, so that each of us can focus on the areas that need change and do our bit.
The woman has to realize her own potential and strength as an equal member of society. In fact, the educated and self-reliant mothers can also bring about change in the mindset of society and teach their sons to honour and respect women.
Empowerment is also about women realizing that they should embrace change. Creating awareness is so important,drawing public attention to instances of injustices towards women. Educated women and professionals can work together to focus on issues – like literacy, learning of skills and opportunities for entrepreneurship, through kitchen and
cottage industries. They can also participate in programmes on social issues and
health care.”
Pioneer and Champion of the Ayurvedic beauty care and wellness movement,
Shahnaz has received unparalleled international acclaim, marketing India’s
5000 year old civilization in a jar, and creating an international market for
Indian Ayurvedic products.
As one of India’s leading woman entrepreneurs, she
heads the largest organization of its kind in the world with a global network of
franchise salons, spas, beauty training academies, retail outlets, as well as 375
formulations for beauty and health care. It is not only her franchise-based
enterprise, but also her marketing strategies that happen to be truly unique. She
became a Harvard Case Study for creating an international brand without
commercial advertising. This was ensued by her becoming a ‘Subject’ in the
curriculum in Harvard Business School for “Emerging Markets.”
A first generation entrepreneur, Shahnaz Husain has carved a niche for product
innovation, which includes formulations for general beauty care, as well as
therapeutic products for specific skin and hair problems. Comprising herb,
flower and fruit extracts, essential oils, and even precious minerals and gems,
they have taken international markets by storm. They also include the Ayurvedic
Chemoline range which helps alleviate effects of chemotherapy. Shahnaz gives
these free of charge to Cancer Hospitals worldwide, as part of her humanitarian
and commitments and philanthropic initiatives.
Shahnaz Husain has received several prestigious international awards, including
the “Outstanding Ayurvedic Innovation Award” in the British Parliament, and
the World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award from Success, the U.S. based
Business Magazine. She was also conferred the Padma Shri Award by the
Government of India for exceptional service towards the country and
distinguished achievement in her chosen field.
Shahnaz has incessantly been a huge source of inspiration for countless of
budding entrepreneurs especially women the world over. Albeit she got married
at a very early age, she could still manage time efficiently for pursuing and
realizing her entrepreneurial dreams. Success never came on a platter as she had to battle many a challenges before finally tasting success in her untiring and truly awe inspiring professional journey. Her real life story and never ending list of accomplishments have in the past four decades irrefutably inspired countless of young people all over the globe to make the most of the little opportunities that life offers.
Equally commendable has been role and contribution towards holistically
empowering the physically challenged through her free beauty training courses
for the speech and hearing and visually impaired. Shahnaz also contributes to
Government skill development projects in beauty and wellness, having trained
and certified over 40,000 under-privileged women, also distributing Tool Kits
for home-based businesses.
With passage of time, ‘Shahnaz Husain Brand’ has gone from strength to
strength. And to put it more aptly. It has stood the most exacting test of
the Test of Time.


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