New Delhi, 30th March 2018: After a hugely successful 2016 edition, Red Bull Can You Make It? returns this year, giving university students the opportunity to embark on a journey of a lifetime, traveling across Europe using Red Bull cans as their only currency.

As registrations opened in November 2017 for a period of three months, close to 175 teams from across India signed up, for the chance to be one of two teams representing the country.

Ultimately, after a two-week-long voting period, the top eight teams were identified, following which a panel of experts selected the final two from amongst them. Team Urban Artists from Mumbai University and Team Moksha from Delhi University will now travel to Europe to begin their journey from one of five starting points – Manchester, Stockholm, Madrid, Budapest, and Rome – with the ultimate aim of making it to Amsterdam using nothing but Red Bull cans as currency.

While the ultimate goal is a dash to the finish line, Red Bull Can You Make It? has the unique distinction of being a race where winning isn’t the main intention: it’s not when you get there, but the how. During their journey, teams will be judged based on the execution of Checkpoint Challenges, completing tasks on an Adventure List and social engagement on their team pages.

Meet The Teams

Team Urban Artists from Mumbai University: Comprising James Gonsalves, Shantanu Awale and SohamAdarkar, Urban Artists call themselves a team of performers who are into magic, professional speedcubing and a number of other adventure activities. While Shantanu holds the distinction for being amongst the fastest Rubik’s cube solver in India, James is a dancer and kickboxer, apart from also being a speedcuber, and Soham is a magician, skateboarder, and cyclist. The team says they will make it because, “The three of us combined have the most diverse set of skills, right from performing to survival. Together we can overcome any obstacle, and that too with style”.

Team Moksha from Delhi University: Comprising Ankit Saini, ShreySaxena, and TamannaBaghel, Moksha are a team that believes that while they are poles apart in their respective approaches and interests, their strength lies in their togetherness. While Ankit is a finance major and a “consultant in making”, Shrey is a gymnast, skater, and a public speaker, and Tamanna interests lie in acting, poetry and music.


Join teams on their journey by heading to the Red Bull Can You Make It?


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