New Delhi 6th July 2018 : The Missing Public Art Project has joined hands with to create #ChokeTheDemand, an interactive, one-of-its-kind mural walk experience in Delhi, to shake the status quo on the current conversation around commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The visually imposing campaign aims to trigger conversations about the high demand for children in the sex industry through the use of technology and artThe Missing Public Art Project’s artists Leena Kejriwal and Amogh Lux have created striking murals across 3 locations in Delhi – Middle Circle in Connaught Place, Malviya Nagar metro station and Block B in Vasant Kunj – to focus on commercial sexual exploitation of children as a form of sexual violence that is missing from the public narrative.

Leena Kejriwal, Founder, Missing Public Art Project said”The MISSING campaign’s main objective has been to engage the public on the issue of sex trafficking especially of young girls. Trafficking is demand driven. The demand being created by the public leads to the supply of girls.  To rock this boat, it is very important to create awareness on their role.“

MISSING uses art and technology for a larger public engagement. We believe Awareness=Prevention! The MISSING murals with the chatbot engages the public through graphic visuals and quotes and asks them to chat with the Mural to know more,” she added.

The murals are in the form of provocative comic strips on patriarchal comments that encourage sexual violence against girls, and an accompanying Facebook chatbot sets the context for the audience on how commercial sexual exploitation of children is a shocking form of sexual violence that is driven by public demand.

To bring the power of art and technology together, The MISSING team has designed an interactive user interface that anyone can scan and have a conversation with, through the Facebook chatbot. The concept is to invite digitally-enabled audiences to talk to their artwork through an immersive, interactive conversation via the facebook chatbot to build awareness and empathy.

Nida Hasan, Campaigns Director, says, “Art and technology make each other better. At, we are constantly trying to find new ways to highlight issues that have largely been ignored by society, one of which is commercial sexual exploitation of children. This art-tech synergy is a great place to start a conversation on this issue and we hope that our message on choking the demand is taken forward through this artwork on Delhi’s streets.”

The MISSING mural walk was rolled out in Kolkata in 2017 as “Hunt for the Lost Durga” and will be covered across Mumbai and Hyderabad following the campaign in Delhi.


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