Live Painting Demonstration on 18th January 2017 at 2 pm onwards.
By Eminent Artists :- Laxman Kumar,Harpal Singh, Hari Singh, Jasraj Tambia,  Sandeep Kumar, Mahua Sinha
Participant Artists :- Afshan Raza Khan,Pankaj Verma, Pankaj Bharti, Mahua Sinha, Nafisa Sayed, Archana Anand,Smrita Swarup,Sargam Bansal,Jyoti Singh,Huma Iqbal, Sushank Kumar,Razi Khan, Hari Singh, Harjit Dhillon,Jasraj Tambiya, Harpal Singh,Mohd Asif, Jyoti Singh,Raj Balram,Mayur Singhal, Humera Farooqui,Vandana Singh, Pankaj Verma,Madhulika Gupta,Chhaya Srivastava,Sandeep Kumar, Sarbani Sen,Romendra Sagar,Nitin Khilare,Shyamalima Kakati,Arka Ghosh
About Curator & Exhibition:-
Erum Khan, critically acclaimed curator of numerous international exhibitions is all set to organize her exhibition “Vande Mataram” as a tribute to our beloved nation in commemoration of our upcoming Republic Day. 
Over the past exhibitions presented by her such as <Khushrang, Salaam India, Sarhadein, The Akbar, Taj, Kabir, Dilkash etc.
Erum Khan has established an unparalleled reputation of showcasing art that celebrates India’s diverse culture as an impassioned homage to our nation true to her patriotic spirit.
It is but fitting that she continues this tradition with “Vande Mataram”, named after our National Song, a clarion call that played a vital role in the Indian independence struggle which continues to stir deep patriotism and devotion in every Indian for the timeless glory of our ever-bountiful nation.
In keeping with the precedent set by previous exhibitions, this exhibition too aims at bringing visibility & credibility to the works of deserving talented artists who have largely been overlooked within the mainstream discourse as well as an opportunity to sell paintings, network with senior and contemporary artists and commission work to create new paintings based on different corporate requirements and themes.


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