As you catch up with Vikas Sharma, the suave and the immaculately dressed CEO of Spectrum Metro in his plush sector-75, Noida office, you are reminded of the timeless adage, ‘Looks can be deceptive’. For someone who’s conquered myriad frontiers and achieved astronomical sales figures in a professional careerspanning two decades, you would expect some snob in the air. Contrary to the perception, he comes around as someone very affable and accessible, leaving you complete awestruck. In fact, the hallmark of his inspirational success story can easily be attributed to his meticulousness, passion and a simple humble approach to life.

In his early forties now, Vikas fondly cherishes his initial struggle period when he moved from Noida to U.S, and how he was literally compelled to begin working from the age of 14.

“To make ends meet, I had to work simultaneously for four years while pursuing my high school at the age of 14 in New Jersey, USA. It was tough initially to cope with the pressure, but then got accustomed to it with passage of time. Seven hours of school followed by eleven hours of working left me with just six hours which included catching up on sleep, and doing other daily set of activities. That all this, was paving the way for a robust future foundation for me kept me going.

After High School completion, I moved to Toronto, Canada, and did Masters in Computers. Here again, I had to work for long hours to bear my staying and education expenses. As I had the flair for computers, I did a couple of popular certifications from MCSE. After four years of intense strugglein Toronto, I moved to London where one of my uncles entrusted me with a challenging opportunity of reviving a 4-star property named Black Prince Hotel in Cardiff, South Wales. After evaluating the lacunas and drawing an innovative roadmap, I formed a team of likeminded, passionate people. Our relentless efforts yielded rich dividends when the cash registers at the Hotel started ringing with brisk business, and the place was soon brimming with life. While Sales & Marketing has been my key focus area, I have never shied from accepting the gauntlet in other avenues as I have perpetually believed that shouldering responsibilities is the ‘Road to Success’.

I returned to India from London in 2003, and got the opportunity to be associated with prestigious projects and assignments. It is pertinent to make a special mention of my wife Renu’s contribution in my professional growth and success. All these years of our married life, she has been a great pillar of support for me, and I have no qualms in crediting her for all the success that I have achieved in life”, shares Vikas Sharma.

In the year 2014, Vikas founded ‘Panache’, a real estate brokerage firm in Noida with a total of 100 employees. Being a quick learner and a patient observer, did wonders as he got well versed with the finer nuances of the real estate world in almost no time. His steadfastness and indomitable quest for excellence not only proved his mettle, but helped him to translate it into success much to the joy of all those associated with him.

The turning point came when he was offered the role of Executive Director in Victory Group in April 2016. Here, he had the daunting challenge of selling Pre-leased and other retail shops in the 12.5 acre Indirapuram Habitat Centre project in Ghaziabad.

As luck would have it, he achieved a whopping sales figure in a brief span of time, in the process setting a new benchmark for the entire sales force.All throughout, he’s never been in the rat race, and this is what really sets him apart from others.

At a time when others in the fray were striving to achieve their sales targets, he self imposed himself with impossible targets and deadlines. ‘Fortune favours the brave’, and Vikas always managed to emerge with flying colours. He regards his sales team to be his biggest strength, and considers them as a part of his extended family. Talking about rewards and recognitions, Vikas remarks, “Living upto the expectations of all those who have reposed faith on my acumen and competencies the biggest reward. I have always endeavoured to achieve a win win state for all the stakeholders since that is the key basis for long term sustainability.

More than the monetary rewards, I feel exulted with the number of friends that I have been able to make in my career so far.” People who have known and worked with Vikas at different stages of his professional career concur that the choices and the decision taken by him have been monumental and describe him as a ‘Game Changer Visionary with a Midas touch’. A go getter in the true sense, he has often defied age old convention, and implemented on novel strategies and plans innovated by him.

He joined Spectrum Metro as CEO in April 2017 which happens to be the most ambitious commercial project launched by Blue Square Infrastructure LLP in Central Noida that extends over 6 acres, landscaped plot along 60m wide and 1 km long high street.

Spectrum Metro, Noida is a complete commercial solution featuring all sorts of commercial spaces ranging from office spaces to retail spaces, service apartments and many more to redefine the paragon of business and corporate environment in this city.

Enjoying a marvelous location advantage, this eco-friendly commercial project is a much sought after development for both rolling and start-up businesses. Besides its retail segment, this iconic project also houses Spectrum Metro office spaces along with extravagant serviced apartments.

The fully furnished Spectrum Metro service apartments are designed to complement the international level of corporate lifestyle. When quizzed about the project completion, Vikas minces no words to state that this would etch its name to be the first project to be completed and delivered before time. The one liner that has often helped him bring the best out of his team and accomplish the impossible is borrowed from the ageless, “Actions speak louder than words”. No wonder, he lives, adheres and swears by this, and that actually is the cornerstone of his success saga


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